Artemas' Portfolio πŸ’»

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Artemas' Portfolio πŸ’»

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"Story Backcover"

This piece of art work was done for a published childern's book. The intention was to include the main character and show elements of his past and present-moving from a big city to a rural town. The character's shadow in contrast with the hero suit conveys his development.

"Public Health Mobile App"
This project was a major one. There was an extensive process and lots of revisions to finally conclude on s public health app that serves the public; those especially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to extend a helping hand, my app featues various healthy restaurants and resources to inquir.Β 

"Modified Pepsi Logo"

This design was influenced by my love of pepsi soda. Not only do I enjoy the sweet taste, I also admire the simplicity of the logo and message. I intended on altering the logo while still keeping some aspects along with the original design. Research included viewing the history of past logos, in order to incorporate a consistant theme.  

"Business Mock-up"
What got my attention to the subject of health field came from my family's experience working in the health field. I have been inspired to create a complete design; one that is pleasing and welcoming-a setting one would find in a clinic facility. Business-like was the message promoted by the brand, color, and mix of transparency.Β 

"Relief Prints"

These relief printings were inspired from freshman year of college. The dorm I engraved holds meaningful memories and important lessons. The colored art works were created to expose my creativity and deepest ideas.  ​​​​​​​

"Accordion-Calligraphy Project"

This calligraphy project is outstanding because I have come a long way since beginning to learn calligraphy. I was able to establish more intuitiveness when it came to layout and type designs.

"My Life"

This creation was inspired by my experiences and home town. I wanted to incorporate just about every aspect of information that describes me; that makes me who I am today. I decided to go with this stack layout design because I wanted the audiences' eyes to move vertically. 

"Truely Abstract"

This collection of items is unique due to the patterns included. This piece has a flow that shows great qualiy creation and applied astract, with levels filter usage. My intention was to cause an easy flow of the eye amongst the art work. 


What makes this GIF special is the color difference in comparison to the general color scheme of the holiday expressed. The addition of the vector character makes the project more friendly. 

"Design Stamps"

This specific project was a mix of watercolor and plain paint strokes. Combined they create a fascinating piece. The stamp boarders are exposed with complementary colored fruits to bring about a strong juxtaposition. β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹

"Graphic Silhouette"
This poster created to alternate aΒ silhouette photo. I decided to choose Tinker Bell because the features are distingiushable. Also the paint splattered background helps bring out the contrast of the silhouette.

"Teaser Poster"

This movie teaser poster was created by using adobe software. The goal is to promote the action pact adventure to come. By using the colors used, I wanted to distinguish between the Black Panther character and the background. Black Panther has become a very influential movie to kids. My font choice is also to express the seriousness of the movie. β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹

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